Microtube Technologies

Developing the Next Generation of Microfibre Sensors

Microtube Technologies, originated as a research project by NUS inventors Prof Lim Chwee Teck, Dr Yeo Joo Chuan, and Dr Yu Longteng that produced a smart ‘InfinityGlove™’, made using the team’s thread-like sensors weaved into each finger for users to mimic a variety of in-game controls using simple hand gestures.

Microtube’s Unique Smart Fabric Sensors

The team has made breakthroughs in manufacturing the world’s thinnest and most stretchable rubber-like microfibre sensors (about the same thickness as a strand of human hair), that can be weaved into any wearable fabric products to detect micro tremor-level movements and force in real-time for various applications.

  • Accurate: Sensors have a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy that can be combined with Artificial Intelligence software to map out motion tracking, muscle forces sensing and gesture recognitions.
  • Ultra-thin Sensors: At a size of 0.25mm, Microtube’s patented sensors are thin and flexible enough to be woven into thread fabrics for applications across various wearable products, making products light weight, breathable and comfortable.
  • Durable & Reusable: Sensors can withstand rounds of machine washing with no noticeable difference in structure or performance, allowing products to be durable and reusable.

Multiple Industries and Applications

Today, the 3 founders are looking forward to commercialising their patented microfibre sensors, through a variety of wearable products and controllers that can be deployed across multiple sectors, including:

  • Gaming: Integrating Microtube’s sensors into gaming equipment for accurate motion tracking and gesture recognitions to enable greater interactions between games and players, while providing real time performance feedback.
  • Healthcare / Rehabilitation: Sensors in wearable devices can provide real-time measurement of small forces for non-invasive physiological monitoring, such as pulse pressures and heart rate measurements.
  • Industrial Machines: Sensors can be used for industrial applications requiring the detection of force in constricted areas, such as manufacturing, packaging, and automobile production.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Metaverse Interactions: Microtube’s is also looking to develop haptic wearables that can provide real time feedback for users in the Metaverse to create more immersive environments.

Moving forward with Microtube Technologies

The Oriza Greenwillow Technology Fund has led the Seed Funding investment into Microtube Technologies as we believe that the company’s smart microfibre sensors can disrupt the whole wearables market with its lightweight, durable, and accurate sensing abilities. We are particularly excited about the E-sports and gaming spheres, and we see endless games and applications that can be spun out of this platform technology.


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